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The motto of the association shall be UNITY AND STRENGTH.


MECUDA is an inclusive natural umbrella organisation that offers a framework for the promotion of culture, performant and adaptive development, through values that promote individual and collective prosperity in the civic life of the Meta community.

MECUDA shall be the umbrella Association of all Meta people and their unique natural inheritance, wherever they reside globally. MECUDA shall be non-partisan and apolitical. However, it may take a public stand in its AGMs/ADMs after a majority vote on any prevailing issue which may affect the life or future of a part or whole of the clan or nation. Nonetheless, each member of the association shall be free and responsible for his/her political, religious and any other personal action.

CONTACTS: MECUDA Head-Quarters Office, P.O. Box 1, Mbengwi, Momo Division, North West Region.

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President General

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MECUDA President General Prof Oliver Njoh


1) To bring together all Meta people the world over, by ensuring that regular monthly or other periodic meetings are held at all the units of the association and that all the units participate fully in all Annual General Meetings (AGM); either physically or via the use of ICT tools.

2) To ensure a harmonious living together amongst all sons and daughters of Meta and within the larger society wherever they find themselves, by ensuring that our cultural values are upheld and are built around: self-discipline, respect for one another, especially the elderly and our traditional institutions.

3) To use every opportunity and occasion to promote and showcase the culture of the Meta people through: dances, arts, agriculture, cuisine and other talents.

4) To thoughtfully and out of necessity, carryout communal developmental projects in the Meta clan, ensuring the full participation of all, irrespective of global loci, with the aim of improving the living standard of our people. 

5) To act as a catalyst in the furtherance and implementation of national objectives which may be outlined in various national development plans or in the objectives of various local or international organizations regarded as developmental.

6) To encourage individuals or organizations interested in carrying out research in any historical, linguistic, scientific, cultural and developmental aspects in the Meta clan.

7) To create and encourage the functioning of professional corps within the association so that they can deploy their expertise collectively for the benefit of Meta people.

8) To assist all villages of the clan in their self-development efforts.

9) To promote a sense of mutual assistance and in a spirit of selfless service to the motherland.

10) To liberate Meta people from all forms of complexes.

11) To encourage and promote civil conduct amongst our people in all they do wherever they reside.